About us

Ministry of Life Education are a community interest company that provide technical and vocational alternative educational opportunities for marginalised and disengaged young people aged 11-25.


We provide alternative educational environments, off campus, where young people can be supported in a more focused setting. The main aim of our organisation is to engage with young people who are not ready for mainstream education or the workplace and spend time with them working on vocational topics, which help them to progress to further education or employment. We achieve this aim through partnerships with Cardiff and Vale College and Cardiff Council.


We have a proven track record of working with young people who have left, or are at risk of leaving, school with little or no formal qualifications and supporting them through forms of vocational education. We specialise in multimedia modules that feature music and video. These modules have proved to be effective in engaging young people and sustaining their involvement to successful completion. We offer young people the opportunity to learn how to record their own music and create videos. Ministry of Life Education enable and encourage young people to use their time constructively and guide them towards more positive futures.

Our Courses

Qualifications and Courses Available


BTEC Level 1 Introductory Award / Certificate / Diploma in Vocational Studies


Offered to our Yr 10 and 11 students and our post-16 cohort, this qualification consists of a selection, or all, of the following modules;


Core Modules


  • Being Organised 

  • Working With Others

  • Researching a Topic

  • Developing a Personal Progression Plan


MOL Education specialised modules


  • Creating a Storyboard

  • Shooting a Short Film

  • Branding a Product

  • Using Digital Communications Technologies

  • Designing a Product

  • Creating an Event


RSL Level 2 Subsidiary Diploma for Music Practitioners


Offered to our post-16 cohort, this course has been designed for young people with an interest in event management and creating technology based music.


Core Modules


  • Music Sequencing and Production

  • Live Music Recording


MOL Education specialised modules


  • Using a Digital Audio Workstation

  • Remixing and Production

  • Composing Lyrics / Listening to Music

  • Using a Keyboard with a Digital Audio Workstation

  • Digital Recording and Production

  • Music Marketing and Promotion

  • Organising an Event


All the courses offered by MOL Education form part of our progression pathway. This is a route from being excluded at pre-16 to becoming a foundation year undergraduate. In partnership with CAVC, we have created an alternative education provision where a young person can join one of our projects at year 10 or 11 and stay with us through level 1 then level 2 and be automatically considered for level 3 at CAVC and on completion be guaranteed an interview at the University of South Wales. 


We recognise the contribution of our partners at CAVC and USW in being able to offer this exciting opportunity to our young people.

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Post Covid 19
Home learning and remote education provision

Since the emergence of Covid 19 Ministry of Life education has adapted its core delivery methods so that learning and eduction can continue in a safe and risk free environment. We are able to deliver all existing courses to service users at home safely and efficiently using our new digital and online portal which can be accessed through the site with a members login. MOLE can provide equipment for learners so that the best outcomes are met even in crisis times.

Google Classroom

Using Google classroom allows for learners to gain skills through education from the safety of there own homes. Work and modules can be set via the online portal so that learners can engage in work tasks from home. Work can be submited via the Google Classroom Portal.

Ministry of life  Education is keeping up to date with current and changing government COVID-19 guidelines and continues to deliver services throughout these challenging times.