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"Best course I’ve ever taken honestly. I’ve learned so much doing this course compared to what I learnt at CAVC for real. Honestly couldn’t recommend this course enough"

Tia Morgan (Student, 2019)


 This course has helped me out a lot with my confidence and my knowledge about the music industry, learning about copyright and all of the other basics of the music life. I gotta say big up to Zippy, Cod and Timopheous Dog for showing me the ropes.” 

Shaun Marsden (Student, 2018)


Working with the tutors at ministry of life has been a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, they constantly set out to help you achieve. Working along side so many musicians really inspires you to be the best you possibly can and the tutors do everything in their power to bring the over achiever out of you. I never did too well in school or college the first time round, the way Zippy, Cod and Tim teach has shown me that it’s possible, no matter who you are, to learn  and I will forever appreciate the time and love they have shown me while learning with Ministry Of Life. I would highly recommend this form of alternative education to anyone who thrived or failed at previous opportunities to learn.” Jakub Williams (2017)


Both Tim and Zippy continue to deliver education and training for those most at risk and are truly inspirational role models for young people in their community. Their commitment, empathy and ability to fully understand the needs of those that they engage with is remarkable and their reputation in the field of alternative education has strengthened in times of most need."

(2021) Wayne Carter (Head of Department Preparation for Work, Life and Learning Cardiff and Vale College.)